My Blender Notes

Select Inverse Vertices: In "Edit Mode" under "Mesh Tools" press "Select Swap".
Re-Center An Object Center Point: In "Object Mode" under "Mesh" select object to center and press "Center New".
Separate Vertices into different object: In "Edit Mode" select vertices to create new object. In the "Mesh" menu select "Vertices" then "Separate"
Drawing Copies for Game Engine: If you want to draw an arbitrary number of objects in a game create an object in another layer that will not be rendered. Add an "Empty Object" to the scene. Create a "Sensor" and "Controller" such as a "Keyboard" button with Controller "And". Now create an "Edit Object" Actuator. For OB (Object) type in the name of the object you created in the hidden layer.
Game Render Both Sides (TwoSide): Reference: if you create an object that is just a half sphere the object has outside and inside faces. In the Blender Game engine only one side of the object will be shown. To see both sides of the object select it in the "Object Mode". Now change "Object Mode" to "UV Face Select" Mode. Now select faces to change. Now hit the WKEY for the specials menu and under "Set" select "TwoSide".
Selecting Contiguous Objects: In "Edit Mode" or "UV Face Select Mode" select at least one vertice or one face respectively. Now press the LKEY. Selecting multiple pieces to move as one object select at least one vertice or one face respectively from each object and while holding down the CtrlKEY and the LKEY will select the objects as a group.
Transparencies for Game Objects: In "UV Face Select Mode" select face to make transparent. In the "Editing Mode" (F9) select "Alpha" in the "Texture Face" panel. For multiple faces see "Selecting Contiguous Object" above. So select a face of the object to change to alpha. Change it to alpha. Now select other faces to change and then in the "Texture Face" panel. Select the "Copy Draw Mode" button.
Texture Mapping: Select object that you want to map onto. Split the 3D editing window. Make one side the UV/Image Editor. The other side go into the "UV Face Select" mode. If the faces are clear you want to either make the faces two sided (See Above "TwoSide" ) or flip the object. Now if you have a simple object such as a cube or half a cube rotate the object into a desired perspective. Before you open the image to map it is important you select the faces to map onto. Now open the image in the other side by selecting "Image" from the Menu and "Open". Back in the other side press the UKEY and select "Project From View". In the "UV/Image Editor" side you should see the outline of the vertices you want to map on to. So now you can rotate, scale, grab the vertices to fit the picture.