• To see what shell you are currently using
    echo $0

  • When running a command that requires sudo but you want your alias to load add following alias to your .bashrc
    alias sudo='sudo '
    Note the space, this will force sudo to run in context of current .bashrc

  • How to SSH within a bash script, just add your commands you want to send wrapped in quotes
    ssh user@server "ls -la | grep -i somevalue"

  • How to send command for remote system to use certain shell, example bash:
    ssh user@server bash -c "ls -la | grep -i somevalue"

  • How to ssh multiple servers in a bash script while loop.
    If in a while loop reading from a file and trying to ssh, ssh reads from stdin which is being used for read line.
    To work around this use -n flag with ssh to tell it NOT to read from stdin
    ssh -n user@server bash -c "ls -la | grep -i somevalue"